helpdesk and SuperView

The helpdesk plays a vital role in many companies and organisations. The helpdesk staff resolve problems of the end users or forward them to specialists. The helpdesk is an intermediary between the IT staff and the end users. In order to be able to function correctly, optimal overview is necessary. SuperView's unique combination of monitoring, controlling and informing provides that overview.

SuperView / NetObserve monitors the IT facilities and reports each hitch to the right people. End users who are experiencing problems can report them to the helpdesk. Helpdesk staff can then use SuperView Client to find out which problems have already been recorded. The system also indicates which IT staff member is handling the report. This person can set the expected repair time.

Using SuperView, the helpdesk staff has an overview of the detected and reported problems and the corresponding actions that are being undertaken, enabling them to inform the end user how things stand. The user can also obtain this information directly from SuperView, by telephone if required.

An example. SuperView / NetObserve is the ideal system for the service industry and other organisations that use a helpdesk to serve their clients. Most operating systems and application programmes maintain log files containing important messages. Continuously following log files enables SuperView / NetObserve to react to those messages correctly and instantly. The system is able to distinguish relationships, for instance allowing it to follow transactions of persons across different log files. Errors are reported immediately and collected in a list.
This gives the helpdesk staff an excellent overview of the situation at any time, which allows them to inform the clients better and faster.