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SuperView comprises three powerful application programmes
    NetObserve, Job Scheduler, Request & Info Center
    You only pay for what you need!

Everything you need for optimal continuity
  • NetObserve - monitors the IT facilities
  • Job Scheduler - controls the computer systems
  • Request & Info Center - informs and assists

  • Powerful and complete solution for monitoring networks, computer systems and applications.
  • Problem tracking: Which problem has been reported to whom? Has it been resolved? How long did it take?
  • Trend Analysis.

Job Scheduler
  • Open Multi-platform Job Scheduler with very extensive features.
  • Unique ease of use in the familiar Windows environment.
  • Simple user-definable menus for entering ad hoc job requests.
  • Countless report possibilities.

Request & Info Center
  • Unique accessibility over the phone using several lines simultaneously.
  • Telephone information on the status of the IT facilities: reported problems and their expected repair time.
  • Adding ad hoc jobs to the schedule, with excellent security.
  • Problem reports always reach the right people.

Messages via duty rosters
(for all SuperView applications)
    Very extensive possibilities via duty rosters.
    Who is available, when and how.
  • messages via PC soundcard;
  • Windows Popup messages;
  • E-mail;
  • pager and SMS messages;
  • voice telephone messages.

Client / Server & Remote Access (for all SuperView applications)
    State-of-the-art Client/Server architecture. Remote Access support enables remote administration.

Proprietary script language: Lexian (for all SuperView applications)
    Unprecedented flexibility allows you to customise SuperView to exactly fit your requirements with or without our assistance.

Fast implementation
    Making SuperView operational is only a matter of days.

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