SuperView / Job Scheduler

SuperView / Job Scheduler has a co-ordinating function. It provides central control of the various computer systems on the basis of a schedule. Relationships between jobs - even on different computer systems - are easy to define.

Drawing a schedule can be done quickly. It makes scheduling easy and clear. Linking a job or planning to a calendar ensures that it automatically starts on the right date. During execution of the schedule, progress is clearly indicated.

The properties of jobs which are not executed at fixed times can also be defined in SuperView. When an ad-hoc request for such a job occurs, it is automatically placed at the correct position in the schedule. This makes it easy to handle complex operations through simple menus.

SuperView / Job Scheduler is system independent. Explicit overviews, easy operation and continuity play a central role. It’s indispensable for companies who want to keep their IT department flexible and manageable and to reduce the costs to a minimum.

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