SuperView / NetObserve

SuperView / NetObserve monitors the full range of IT facilities. Everything from mainframes to file servers and from network equipment to applications. Problems are detected immediately and reported to the right people.

SuperView / NetObserve monitors at 3 levels. Firstly at operator level by using system specific tools. Secondly, NetObserve monitors all kinds of applications and operating system log files. And finally there is the support for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) which is simply the best. This powerful monitoring combination provides a complete overview of the status of your IT facilities.

SuperView contains an extensive library with scripts. These scripts promote a smooth implementation for excellent monitoring. The unique script language of SuperView allows you to adapt the extensive script library, quickly and easily, to meet your specific needs.

SuperView / NetObserve offers your IT department the opportunity to raise the continuity of the IT facilities to an unprecedented level and to keep it there.

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