Your IT Facilities Conductor

The orchestra is waiting.
The house lights slowly dim.
A spotlight illuminates the door behind the stage.
But the door remains closed.
The conductor is in a traffic jam, twenty miles away.
The first violinist gives a signal; the orchestra begins.
For a while all is well.
But then the woodwinds come in too late.
The trombones sound too loud.
The double bass doesn't keep up with the violins.
And the drums roll too soon.
Without a conductor the orchestra is lost.
Somebody must control the beat, the timing and the volume.

Your IT facilities also need a conductor.
A problem could be serious.
At a stroke, your company will be out of tune.
Not to mention your staff.

JDM Software has developed SuperView for this very reason.
The ideal conductor for your IT orchestra.
SuperView for smooth operational management.
To ensure your staff are satisfied and relaxed.

An IT department without SuperView is like an orchestra without a conductor.


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