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IT facilities are getting increasingly complex by the day. Controllability requirements are growing exponentially, since optimally functioning IT facilities and motivated staff constitute today's enterprise's most important working capital. Sub-optimally functioning IT facilities will have an adverse influence on staff motivation. Dependence on IT facilities is considerable, and their continuous availability is therefore of vital importance. The SuperView software helps you realise optimal continuity.

Integral approach
Users must be able to go about their work undisturbed whenever possible. What happens "behind the scenes" is of no importance to the end user. The complete range of IT facilities must function properly. In order to be able to guarantee continuity, your IT staff needs a comprehensive overview. SuperView has been developed to provide that overview. The complete range of IT facilities - networks, systems and applications - invites an integral approach. An environment where network and system management, helpdesk and production department will grow closer to one another quite naturally.

SuperView not only saves you and your staff irritation, but also quite a lot of money. The permanent monitoring, operating and controlling of your IT facilities ensures more efficient use and optimal continuity. However, the savings start even earlier - right at the purchase. Because this unique package has an extremely attractive price.

It is not only SuperView's pricing that makes it such a competitive product. The system consists of a number of integrated programmes and it has a modular structure. You will only receive (and pay for) what you need. SuperView can be installed and made operational quickly and easily. In addition, JDM Software also offers a complete range of services, including installation, training courses and customer support.

The combination

SuperView consists of three powerful applications: SuperView / NetObserve knows the status of the IT facilities and reports errors to the right people. SuperView / Job Scheduler provides central control and monitoring of jobs running on different systems; it reports errors immediately and in a well-organised fashion. SuperView / Request & Info Center lightens the task of helpdesk and IT staff. End users can request information on the status of the IT facilities by telephone.

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