The combination of monitoring, control and provision of information is the strength of SuperView. NetObserve monitors the IT facilities. Job Scheduler controls the computer systems. Request & Info Center provides information and assists the users. SuperView ensures optimal continuity and control, and saves money.

SuperView / NetObserve
SuperView / NetObserve monitors the full range of IT facilities. Everything from mainframes to file servers and from network equipment to applications. Problems are detected immediately and reported to the right people.

SuperView / Job Scheduler
SuperView / Job Scheduler has a co-ordinating function. It provides central control of the various computer systems on the basis of a schedule. Relationships between jobs - even on different computer systems - are easy to define.

SuperView / Request & Info Center
SuperView knows the status of the IT facilities. This information is not only vital to the IT department, but also for the end users. If IT facilities do not operate correctly, the end users can request information via SuperView / Request & Info Center.

Messages to people via rosters
Detecting problems is only useful if the messages reach the right people. SuperView has a wide range of options for sending messages via rosters. Messages via the sound card, Windows pop-up messages, e-mail, pager and SMS messages and even spoken telephone messages are all possible.

SuperView for Windows
SuperView has been developed as a Client/Server system under Windows. The SuperView server
operates with Windows NT (workstation or server) and monitors and controls the IT facilities from there. The client programme is used to operate the server. The client runs on both Windows 95/98
and NT. You will also be able to work from home with the client programme.

JDM Software BV
SuperView has been developed by JDM Software BV based on 15 years' experience in automatic planning and monitoring. Current users of SuperView include banks, insurance companies, wholesale businesses and energy companies..

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